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Villa Xristos

Villa Xristos is located in the traditional village of Kokkino Horio. The Villa is set in a peaceful location with beautiful sea and mountain views.

The villa can accommodate from two up to ten people. This magnificent villa has on the ground floor one bedroom with a double bed and a fitted wardrobe. The modern bathroom has a fitted shower. The open planned fully equipped kitchen has plenty of cupboards and a clever modern dinning table with four chairs. The airy living room has very comfortable furniture and a large fireplace. From the living room you have access to a large balcony where you can lounge and enjoy the sea and mountain views. On the first floor is a bathroom with a fitted large bath tub. Also upstairs are two bedrooms, one with two single beds and the other with a large double bed, both these bedrooms have large fitted wardrobes. From the master bedroom there is access to a private balcony for uninterrupted sun lounging. The basement consists of two bedrooms, one with two single beds and the other with a large double bed. The bathroom is fitted with a shower.

The villa has a private pool, volleyball pitch and squash court. The large expanse around the pool has a BBQ area with a pizza oven, a sink area and outdoor showers. It also has a covered pergola which is ideal for outside dining consisting of a large dining table and large benches.

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