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Welcome to CRETE

A pessimist is one who makes difficulties of his opportunities
An optimist is one who makes opportunities of his difficulties

This website over the coming months will be updated with great deals and offers. We have various projects and villas partly finished which we will want to complete to generate working capitol and our mission is to put us back at the top of our trade in Crete and protect the interests of our foreign clients in a complicated and archaic land.

Kokkino Chorio – Tradition Cretan Village, Chania

Overlooking the pristine Souda Bay, with views all the way to the cosmopolitan city of Chania, lies the dormant village of Kokkino Chorio – A true getaway destination, vastly rich in its cultural heritage yet distinctly appealing to the modern home owner.

There are varied interpretations as to how Kokkino Chorio (translated as ‘The Red Village’) got its name.  Some say that it is due to the rare red soil found in the village, while others believe that it is due to the massacre of the villagers by the Turks during the late 19th century.

The Area

The surrounding area itself tells a story of the history of Crete.  One of the caves, located next to St. George’s Retreat in the village, was used by the Nazis as an artillery spotting position during the German Occupation.  The battle of Souda Bay was one of the most ferocious air battles in World War II.

Nearby you can also find the ‘Elephant Cave’ where you can see a variety of stalactites and stalagmites of different shapes, sizes and colours.  Ancient mammoth bones have been discovered within these caves.

If there is one thing however, that attracts people to live in the village of Kokkino Chorio, it is undoubtedly the spectacular views over much of the Prefecture of Chania.

The Glass Factory

Another major attraction of Kokkino Chorio is the internationally recognised Glass Factory, where inimitable ‘blown glass’ is produced and exported to all four corners of the globe.

The glass, which is all created by acclaimed artist Antonios Santorinios is one of a kind, and in a morning trip you can witness the entire making process and purchase you very own piece of Cretan memorabilia.

Antonios produces both monochrome and coloured etchings and art prints in special limited editions.  His fascination with the ethereal beauty of the surrounding environment is clear to see in all aspects of his work; his pieces reflect the warmth and hospitality of the island, captured amidst scenes of harvesting, feasting and serene landscapes.


The village, which houses a modest population of roughly 2,500, was the choicest location for the legendary film ‘Zorba the Greek’.  Many of the locals who live in the village now were in fact the village children seen in the 1964 hit film.  Even now the villagers will be proud to show you their photographs with the starring actor Anthony Quinn.

Squash Club

An internationally recognised squash court was built in the village in 2008 and top players from around the world can be seen here training and performing exhibition matches as well as playing in tournaments.

Currently the village square is undergoing modernisation with a childrens play area and amphitheatre already completed.

For any further information contact Monte Crete.

Ralph Christie

0044 7470 221439

0030 6948 338644

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Charles Xenakis

0044 7845 510319

Email:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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